In this project I wanted to learn the topology of guns.

At first I just wanted to make a butterfly knife from CSGO. I searched for reference imanges of the knife and started making a basic shape, then using booleans I added more detail. When the mesh was finished I moved to Substance Painter and tried to replicate some of the skins that CSGO has.

I got asked by one of my friends if I could make a FN Five-seven. I started by searching for blueprints of the FN Five-seven. I made a simple mesh based on it, then started to add more detail using booleans. When I was satisfied with the look of it I duplicated the mesh added even more detail so that later I could add that detail in a normal map. Thaty way I could make the gun look more detailed with less polys. I baked the high poly version into the low poly using Substance Painter.

After making that FN Five-seven, I thought I could make more guns so i decided to make a sniper, a Barrett M82. I used the same workflow, search for a blueprint, make a basic mesh, add more detail using booleans, used substance painter to generate the textures and the sniper was done.


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