Vket 2022

Custom Booth for Vket

Vket 2022

This project is a booth for Vket a Virtual Market that is the largest market festival in the virtual space. Visitors can enjoy and purchase a number of displayed 3D avatars and 3D models.

In this project i made a booth to showcase my and my friends assets, we decided to share the booth to cut cost, I did the modeling and they did all the shaders needed for it.

To create this I used RandomFlow to generate random mesh for the walls to give it a more futuristic look, as for the cables i used Cablerator. because our booth was going to be in Cyber Night I wanted to match the theme of the environment.

The booth can’t be over 10Mb because of the Vket rules. I wanted to display my assets in there so I had to do some adjustments. I compress all of them into one 8K texture using Gimp, thanks to that I only had one texture for everything one Albedo, NormalMap, Metallic, Roughness and one emission. After I compressed all of them the end result was below the 10Mb limit.


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