Vaultage Boiler Room

World commission for a Club

Vaultage Boiler Room

This project was going to be the 2.0 iteration of my BB Factory, but after modelling it, I decided I didn't like the way it looked.

After finishing the modelling, which took me two days, I decided not to continue working on the map. However, two months later, a VR club called Vaultage approached me with an idea; they wanted a Boiler Room. I showed them the map's images, which they approved of. They wanted it done in one week so I got to work as fast as I could. This project required me to do UI, admin system, streaming system, and textures in that very short amount of time.

All the textures were done by me using Substance Painter.

I began working on UVs and texturing everything as soon as they informed me they needed the map. I finished texturing the map in about three days, and the following days were spent baking the map, setting it up so it would operate, and completing the UI.

The map was optimised, but more work has to be done in the future. The client was very happy with the result and even held and event there.


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