The Veil

Futuristic environment

The Veil

This project is a commission for a VRChat club.

To create this environment, I used HardOpsBoxCutterCablerator, and Substance Painter.

The customer wanted a futuristic setting. I started modeling the spawn area after they forwarded me some reference images.

After that was finished, I added some additional details and made sure to incorporate my clients' feedback so that they approved of everything. For example they wanted to add an open area where you could see the skybox.

After applying all of the feedback, I started texturing the spawn.

After finishing the spawn room, I moved on to the main room. The client requested a skylight after we established the basic shape of the room and furniture placement. I decided to make it "low poly," assuming that no one would look at it very closely.

I decided to add a tree in each corner of the room for some extra details and to make the room feel more organic. I created them with the Blender tree generator.


I didn't like how boring the dance floor looked, so I added a pattern to it. To create some interesting lighting under the player, I made some floor panels out of glass and light bars.

The client also requested some robot arms for the bar. To get the shape and cables, I used the reference photos they sent me. Then I sent it to a friend and asked them to add bones and weight paint the robot arm.

I also decorated the bar with some futuristic nanoleaf.

I added details around the room to make it more visually appealing.

The client also requested glow sticks for the players to use. To make a simple glow stick more interesting, I created three custom audiolink shaders for each of them.

Another thing I had to do was create 3D logos of some of the DJs who would be performing at this club, as well as a custom shader to make them shrink when the bass hit.


I had a lot of fun with this project. To make this environment for them was a lot of fun.
I can't wait to see how the club uses the environment and how much people enjoy it!


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