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BB Factory

This project taught me a lot.

This project started as a test world for my friend _pi_ that made LTCGI a realistic way of lighting up objects and avatars. They wanted to test it in an actual environment, so I started to make a simple stage in blender.

After some time, I began to like the simple test stage that I made, so I decided to texture it. In the following two weeks, I finished texturing it. My friend wanted to showcase LTCGI to the community meet-up, which is an event for VRChat creators to showcase the worlds that they have been working on. Because of that, I decided to add an outside area to the stage to be able to tell a story and for the player to experience a realistic club environment.

I wanted this environment to be very immersive. With the help of my friend _Pi_ I was able to make the avatar lighting even more realistic by making the sky change color based on the average color that is appearing on the screen. Then I started working on post-processing to get the finishing look, I really wanted the players to feel immersed like if they were in a real club in an abandoned factory.

After everything was finished, my friend was able to showcase his lighting system LTCGI at the meet-up, and I was able to talk about my work on the club as well. Even after that there was more work to do, I had to make LTCGI light up my whole map in the best and most realistic way. 

When everything was finished, I decided to open my club to the public and organize an even there. With help from some of my friends we managed to organize a website for BBClub from which people would be able to join the event. The event was very successful, but we did find one issue. There was some lag, but it was nothing that I couldn’t fix.

Because I wanted to stream the event to Twitch, I made a camera system that would fly around the world. In addition, a special room was needed where a user or a bot that was streaming the event would get teleported to, it had a screen space shader that would override the view of the user to the camera that was flying around the world for the best streaming experience. You can check out the video from the event here.

I started to do some research on what other VR clubs do for their avatar lighting. After talking about it with _Pi_ we got an idea of using a screen space shader to add color to avatars after the whole frame is over. With this technique, I'm able to save a lot of frames and also have a realistic way to light up the avatars. Because I'm using light probes to light up the avatars from the screen, if a user hides behind an object they will not be as bright as the people right in front of the screen. This way all the avatars would look the same way even if they have emissions or not.

With this project, I wanted to show that you can make a very realistic environment in VR while still having good frames.


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