Banana CDJ-3000 & DJM-V10


Banana CDJ-3000 & DJM-V10

For this project, I decided to create another CDJ because my old one was not as realistic.

I created these assets using BoxCutterHardOpsAmplifyCablerator, and Substance Painter.

To create these assets, I approached the project by searching for a top view of the object and creating the nobs and buttons. When I had the basic low poly version, I started with the high poly to bake normals. I added some details with booleans.

I created the cables using Cablerator.

When baked in Substance, this will generate Ambient Oclussion and Normal Map from the high poly version, giving the object the appearance of being high poly but actually being 2,493 plyls for the CDJ and 12,071 for the Mixer.

After creating the low and high poly meshes, I started with the UV's. I kept a good amount of resolution for the buttons so I could type what the real items have written on them.

I made the UVs with Unwrap, Project from View, and UvSquares. I packed them by hand, separating the parts with emissions to prevent UV bleeding.

I also only UVed one nub and button of each type so I could have more resolution on all of them.

The overlapped UVs on the mixer are because this part uses the texture of the CDJ for the back connectors.

The shaders I created for the mixer and CDJ where made with Amplfy, a block shader coding tool.

The data for the shader is generated using AudioLink and one of its Amplify functions.

For the audiolines I used two UV's, one to give colour and the second UV to give it texture so it looks like a LED.

I searched for an image of the CDJ screen and created a similar one using Gimp.

I added an LCD look to both shaders.


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