A Place For My Head

World comission for a streamer

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A Place For My Head

This project was a commission.

They wanted a relaxing world which also could be used as a streaming world, they wanted the world to be optimized as well as quest compatible. I had to remake the environment twice because I wasn’t satisfied with it.

For this project, I decided to useBoxCutter andHardOps tools to create hard surface assets. I tried them before, but never used in an actual environment.

The map consists of one living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and two streaming rooms. I decided to add a kitchen to the map because it felt too cramped, and adding some extra open space made the whole area more comfortable.

The streaming rooms are very interesting. Because the streamer needed good frames, I was not able to add as much detail as I wanted to. Both of the rooms come with a UI to turn a green screen on. The green screen can be changed to the three primary colors red, green and blue in case of conflicting colors on the avatar. To ease on the lag for the streamer, I put an occlusion portal on each room so if the user is inside one of the rooms the whole world gets culled off.

I did encounter some issues along the way. One of the problems was the avatars were not getting culled in different rooms. That means from the living room you could look out of the window and see a user very far away. The room gets culled because I use box colliders to detect where the user is and toggle any objects that are not needed off. The way I fixed the avatar culling off was occlusion walls. Between each room I made a wall that was transparent with an ocluder on, then if a user was behind a wall it's impossible to see them.

The client was very satisfied with the end result, and they use it for streaming till this day.


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