This project was an entry for the VRChat Jam, an event where world designers create a themed environment. This time, as Halloween is almost here, the Jam had a "spooky" theme.

This project was made using Substance Painter, Blender, and Unity.

The aim of my design was to force the player to stare at their own image in the mirror as scary events unfold all around them. The trick was that they would lose the game and have to restart it if they looked away from the mirror.

As soon as the Jam was announced, I knew I had to get to work.

I didn't have a plan for the room's layout yet, so I started modelling assets because I knew what I wanted to use.

On the first day, I managed to get the basic shape of some objects and some of the textures.

On the next day, I added details and textured more of the assets.

On the third day, I wanted to finish the textures and get the map into Unity as soon as possible so I could start working on the animation and shader.

I began by creating a basic room with the assets I created, then imported it into Unity, applied textures to the objects, baked it, and began working on the shader.

I began working on the shader on the fourth day. I finished the fake GI and added all of the basic texture inputs to the shader.

I used red, green, and blue to bake the light. I could then split them up and use them in the shader. I also didn't want the bake to be visible, so I skipped albedo in the shader.

I can change the colors of the RGB baked channels in the shader to whatever color I want, giving me a lot of leeway in making the experience as eerie as possible.

I began working on the animations on the fifth day. I wanted it to be a 10-minute experience that used sounds to scare the player, so I started looking for sounds in sonniss.

I began writing the script after I had all of the assets in place and a selection of sounds to choose from.

On the sixth day, I finished half of the animation while one of my friends finished the world code. We wanted it to be synchronised between users and late joiners so that nothing disrupted their experience.

I finished the animation on the seventh day. I asked some of my friends to play the map and give me their feedback. That's when I realised the map didn't frighten people. After receiving so much feedback, I realised that scary sounds and atmosphere weren't enough to frighten the player, so I decided to include a monster.

I decided to make some changes after considering all of the feedback. One of them was to add a monster silhouette, shorten the animation from 10 to 5 minutes, and add a jumpstart at the end to give the experience a nice ending.

The map was a success and they ended up making it into Spookality 2022! People are really enjoying it!


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