Hey, I'm Dani aka Banana, a self-taught 3D artist, with a passion for creating immersive, breath-taking environments.

It all started with a little game called VRChat, where I dove headfirst into creating virtual worlds and fell in love with the art of environment creation. I took the leap and went freelance, and now I'm creating commissioned pieces. There years in the game and I'm still going strong, mastering the tools of the trade like Blender, Unity, and Substance Painter.

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Sonar Sessions

2 May 2024

Porsche 911 Turbo

15 December 2023

Amber Waves Apartament

13 November 2023

Saruei's Room

16 August 2023

Midnight Studio

13 July 2023

Rainy Retreat

19 May 2023

Sten Mk2

24 March 2023

Nuka Cola Vending Machine

24 March 2023

Mim-23 Hawk

24 March 2023

Stage Truss

5 February 2023

CDJ-3000 & DJM-V10

5 February 2023

BananaBread - CDJ-3000 & DJM-V10: Closeup / Overview
BB Factory

5 February 2023

BananaBread - BB Factory: Graffiti / Stage


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